Sunday, 6 September 2015

Living in and loving Newcastle upon Tyne

Hello all :) 

Since my last post I made my move north and have been living here in Newcastle for two weeks. I am a very happy thin man/boy. After just a couple days I felt settled into my new flat and my local area of High Heaton. In fact I feel more than only settled, I feel at home here and I love it. Mum has been staying with me to have a bit of a holiday away from Kent. It's been nice exploring and getting to know the wider area with someone. From where I live pretty much everything is only twenty minutes away, the city centre, the coast and the countryside. How cool is that. :)

It's one week until fresher's/induction week and then lectures proper, begin on the 21st September. Excited for uni to start. I will keep you posted of my progress as a social work student and old man of the course. :D