Thursday, 29 October 2015

First half of Semester 1 report.

Howdy do everyone!

I have survived the first six weeks of university and here I am sitting in bed at 8:25pm on Thursday evening writing this, totally living the hedonistic rock 'n' roll uni life style..... haha.. yeah the nearest I get to that is the music I am listening to right now, one of my favourite albums of the year from the totally back on form Fear Factory.

This one a little softer..

Ok enough about that and now I have made your ears bleed, I will carry on.

Yeah... so I have made it to the first half term of  my first year.... and I am really enjoying it.  Ok, the amount of reading we have to do I have found a little overwhelming and I so need to get better at note taking and just knowing which pieces of information I should be drawing out from what I am reading, because I have that panic tendency to want to write it all out.  Hopefully I will develop these skills and more as I go along, though I imagine some of this development will come from being fed up and having little time, so will form strategies to make things easier on myself.  So apart from the study stuff, it is going well.  We have some terrific lecturers, there's a good mix of ages in my year and there are about 80 odd people, still not spoken to all of them, though I am making friendships with quite a few, ones which I think will last for many many years after uni.

There one thing that I can say with certainty and that is I will most definitely be a far more confident person after these next 3 years.  I have never been someone who was comfortable speaking in front of groups of people... well I have had to start getting over that pretty quickly.  In our freshers/induction week we had to do group presentations and since we have done a few more individual ones, only a few minutes, but they feel like an eternity.  Next semester we have a pass or fail one where we have to present for about 10 minutes.  The most personally challenging thing I have had to do so far was to record on to DVD me being interviewer and then interviewee, obviously with someone else, which was then watched with the rest of a class of 20 ish for feedback purposes.  I hate hearing a recording of my voice, let alone also seeing my ugly mug on a large screen with others!  I have to say that my class mates made it feel a lot less painful than I thought it was going to be.  Not something I am chomping at the bit to do again, but it's something we have to learn if we are going to be really good social workers.

I have become one of the student reps for my year, apart from being something good on the CV, I wanted to be someone putting my years opinions forward to the uni.

Oh next week we have a first shadow placement week.  I will be with an organisation called

P.R.O.P.S   - Positive Response to Overcoming Problems of Substance misuse

They visited on our skills day last Thursday and they are a terrific charity,  I am really looking forward to going.  

Now that I am settled at uni, I have to start to get a life outside and separate.  I have to break my old man hermit ways and get myself a new social circle and have some down time fun.  Hopefully I will have something to say on this soon.

Anyway... that is it for now.... Laters :)