Saturday, 9 January 2016

Loneliness and Me


I have just caught up on a BBC1 documentary called The Age of Loneliness, a devastatingly sad film about how in such a supposedly connected world there are a surprisingly high number of people who live a lonely existence.  The UK has been voted the Lonely capital of Europe and there are some 6.6 million single person households, with millions who considered themselves lonely.

I am one them.

If you were asked to describe a typical lonely person, I would hazard a guess that the first thought that will come to mind for you would be an elderly widow/widower/single person.  You would be correct, however, they are just a proportion of people who feel alone.  It may surprise and shock you that loneliness affects anyone from 18 years old upwards.  This isn't to say that these are permanent situations, but it can happen at various periods in a persons life, whether through losing a partner or just separation, being isolated through health issues, something I experienced during my years of agoraphobia or even when you move to a new area, again situation I find myself experiencing now.  I have started to make good friends at uni, but as yet have not made a social circle outside uni, so much of my week is spent alone.  I know this will change and I just have to get through this period of time.

If you have an elderly neighbour living alone, please go and see if they are ok, but don't just do this once, make an effort to do this regularly, because you will not just help with their mental health, but also their physical health, because loneliness does affect both in very profound ways.  Also if a stranger tries to strike up a conversation with you, don't automatically think "Why is this weirdo bothering me, stop for a moment and think that this is most likely a person who feels alone and is just wanting to have some sort connection, no matter how fleeting.

Do what you can to make those millions of fellow citizens less lonely, because at some point in the future this is more than like;y something you will experience, well hopefully not if we as fellow human beings do something to quell this increasing epidemic.

Friday, 1 January 2016

New Year Resolutions


I am someone who never makes New Year resolutions, because I'm a great believer in, though frankly I am a bit shite in putting this into practice, never putting off those things you want to change about yourself, plus I think making grandiose pronouncements only sets you up for failure.  But this is just my own view and in no way a judgement on you.

So I will make this perfectly clear that this is just a timing issue and no prompt because one year is ending and another is beginning.  It just so happens it's something I have kinda noticed recently from my tentative steps towards dating.  The aspect I want to change, well I should say that I wish to reclaim, is getting my sense of humour back.  I don't know exactly when I misplaced it, but it is definitely hiding somewhere.  I seem to have lost my sense of fun and silliness and frankly just talking utter abstract crap.  I think it was spending way way too much time by myself and not having others to spark off that meant it got bored and sort solace elsewhere.

This is the next challenge for me.

If you dear reader make resolutions, do you achieve them? and what are your new challenges for the coming year?