Saturday, 31 December 2016


How do.

Just a quick hello.

This year quite frankly mostly sucked, both personally and for the world in general (no need to go over those major events).  I lost total confidence in myself at the start of the year, depression took hold and I ended up having to defer a few uni modules until this new academic year.  Then as a consequence I wasn't charged tuition fees this year, you may be thinking fuck yeah.  But alas for me this meant I lost an important uni bursary which is a big contributor to my living expenses.  I then experienced major anxiety which is only now subsiding. It was a only a couple weeks ago I managed to secure a part time job, 3 month contract.  Giving me much needed cash and more time to find something else.

So yeah like many I'm happy to see 2016 end.  Though I will say I have a positive from this year and something to be thankful for.

The positive was making some lovely new friends here in Newcastle.  I'm thankful for the friends I already have.  They may not be here to hang out with, but you have been a constant support to me.  Thank you.

Here's to 2017.  I'll be content if you suck less than your predecessor.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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